Das Geo Politische Risiko: Unternehmen in der Neuen WeltordnungBook Cover

Geopolitical Risk: Businesses in the New World Order


19th January 2022

A new economic agenda

We are witnessing more geopolitics, more sustainability, more technology than ever before—and decision-makers in politics and business have to confront new global dynamics if the economy is to weather international tensions, advancing climate change, societal expectations, and ever shorter cycles of innovation. Katrin Suder and Jan F. Kallmorgen illuminate the complex political background and suggest courses for practical action towards anticipating and managing the new risks facing us all in the 2020s. This book considers their effects on markets, business models, supply chains and investments. It makes clear that business strategy and the global situation are two sides of the same coin.
  • Shows effective strategies for dealing with the geostrategic risks of the 2020s
  • A toolbox and navigational aid to help businesses cope in an increasingly risky world
  • Authors are the leading experts in geostrategic consulting
Dr. Katrin Suder is a Partner at Macro Advisory Partners and one of Germany’s most renowned experts on strategy and technology. A physicist by training, she is on the supervisory board of several companies and was a member of the German government’s digital council until 2021. She is a former director and senior partner at McKinsey & Co. and an undersecretary of state at the Federal Ministry of Defense.
Jan F. Kallmorgen is a historian and investment banker by training and has been advising international investors and businesses at the intersection of (geo)politics, capital markets, and economics for fifteen years. After positions at the World Bank, Goldman Sachs, and a variety of think tanks and public affairs consultancy, he founded the consultancy Berlin Global Advisors (BGA) in 2017, which specializes on geostrategic questions and intergovernmental relations.


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As a MAP client you’ll engage with our diverse global network – among them corporate leaders, strategists, former diplomats and policy makers – who will help you interpret and navigate the geopolitical and economic forces impacting your business
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